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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

KAVANAGAR: KAVANAGAR a living legend

KAVANAGAR: KAVANAGAR a living legend: " His Father Late. Shri. Thirukkural P. Ramiah was a freedom fighter. Freedom Fighter Pension Holder both state and Central. During..."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

KAVANAGAR a living legend

          His Father  Late. Shri. Thirukkural P. Ramiah was a freedom fighter. Freedom Fighter Pension Holder both state and Central. During the freedom struggle his eyes  were affected and he became blind. After that incident he studied Thirukkural  and practiced as a  Dhasavathani -  Artist of Ten Memories. Later he was honoured as one of the Government Artists by the Tamil Nadu Government by the effort of ‘Ilakkiya Veedhi’ a unique literary forum of Chennai.
Shri P. Ramiah passed on 18th of May 1986.
The Condolence meeting for Dhasavathani Shri P. Ramiah was the turning point for his son Thirukkural Rama. Kanagasubburathiam. He was inspired by the laudatory references to his esteemed father. He decided then and there to fill the void created by his father’s demise.
He practiced and became a ‘Sodasa Avathani’ in one year and appeared on the stage of Illakkiya Veedhi on  17th May 1987 at Thirukazhukundram.
         His Performance was highly appreciated by the famous scholars of Tamil Nadu.
After that he sacrificed all his luxurious careers such as a respectful teacher in a Higher Secondary School, a talented organizer of a Savings Company, owner of a Textile Shop and dedicated himself for the service of humanity through this Miraculous Art. 
          With his amazing qualities of politeness in his talk, simplicity in his life, purity at his heart he is conducting different types of Mind Power improving programmes, workshops, seminars at Schools, Colleges, Televisions, Radio, Lions - Rotary Clubs and other public organizations. 
Of late his amazing performances got wide publicity astounded beyond the territory of India and spread over foreign countries such as U.S.A., Canada, European Countries, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand and he frequently visits these countries on invitation.
He is away from caste, religion, creed of politics and works for the welfare of humanity of all over the world particularly Indians.His workshops on ‘Mind is the Supreme Power’ is based on ’ 5L’ principles they are:-
(a) Living Longer
(b) Living Healthier
(c) Living Wealthier
(d) Living Happier
(e) Living with Awareness and wisdom
This Uncomparable Person is not only well versed with the Art of Memory, but also well acquainted with the Holy Tamil Scripture, ‘The Thirukkural’.

The famous books written by him are as follows : 
(i) Ãidth‰wš tsu  (Tamil)
To Improve Memory...

(ii) thdnk e« všiy  (Tamil)
Sky is our Limit ! 

(iii) eh«jh‹ flîŸ. v¥nghJ?  (Tamil)
Our self  is God. When?...

(iv) v§F« bt‰¿! vâY« bt‰¿! v¥go?!  (Tamil)
Ever  Success... Endless Success ! How?!...
(v) ቿ‹g« ngÇ‹g«  (Tamil)
Limited pleasure  to Unlimited Bliss...

(vi) nf£lJ« »il¤jJ«   (Tamil)
Clearing all doubts of humanity by Thirukkural.

(vii) kd« xU fÂÅ  (Tamil)
Mind is a Computer.
(viii) ïisP®fS¡F  (Tamil)
Ideal Ideas for  Youth

(ix) âU¡FwŸ - cz®îiu  (Tamil)
Experienced Meanings for all 1330 Thirukkural Couplets
(x) K‹ndw ÉU«ònth®¡F (Tamil)
Ideas from Thirukkural  for those who wish to Triumph.

(xi) Thirukkural with English Couplets (Tamil to English)
(Translated by Yogi - Suddhananda Bharathi)

Audio CDS : 
(i) kdnk khbgU« r¡â   4 Volumes (Tamil)
(ii) ïisP®fS¡F . v§F« bt‰¿! vâY« bt‰¿! v¥go?...   3 Volumes (Tamil)
(iii) á¡fšfis mf‰W« á¤j®fË‹ ïufáa§fŸ.   3  Volumes (Tamil)
(iv) ga‹Ä¡f thœ¡if¡F kfh‹fË‹ g¤J¡ f£lisfŸ.  2  Volumes (Tamil)

         Further he is publishing a spiritual monthly Magazine named ‘Kavanagar Muzhakkam’  for the past five years with the slogan of 
(i) Hungerless  Tamil  Nadu
(ii) Disease less Tamil Nadu
(iii) Enriched Tamil Nadu
(iv) Enlightened Tamil Nadu

         He has been acknowledged and awarded in different titles all over the world such as :
(i) ‘King of Kavanagam’ by Mexican Tamil Sangam, USA.,
(ii) ‘Human Computer ‘ by Abudhabi Tamil Sangam
(iii) ‘Thirukkural Computer’ by Dubai Tamil Sangam
(iv) ‘Avathana Kalaimamani’ by Colombo Saiva Munnetra Sangam, Sri Lanka
(v) ‘Saint beyond the Mind’ by World Tamil Motivation Forum Malaysia.
(vi) ‘Messenger of Thirukkural’ by Andaman Tamilar Sangam.
(vii) ‘An Enlightened Computer’ by Bangalore Tamil Sangam.
(viii) ‘A Siddhar of Avathanam’ by Tiruvanandhapuram Tamil Sangam.
(ix) ‘An outstanding Youth of 1990’ by Jaycees Club of Sivakasi.
(x) ‘The Pearl of Memory Power Art’ by Wanuampettai Tiruvalluvar Mandram, Chennai.
           There cannot be any doubt that Shri Rama. Kanagasubburathinam is an unique, single and simple man in the entire world to prove ‘The Art of Memory’ born in Tamil Nadu.
            His aim is to help the youths of India, to utilise their human brain at the optimum level by giving memory workshops and spiritual desciplines . Our India should become peaceful ‘Vallarasu’ by 2020 as dreamed by our beloved and Honourable President of India.
           He must be Awarded and Rewarded and properly used by the Government of India.